Richard Shindell

The Weather

from Reunion Hill

Heres to you whose love is new
And all rosy in the summer
Days are long, skies are blue
Nights could not be sweeter
Through the skylight the moon and stars
Will shine like this forever
Theyre calling for a thunder storm
But who care about the weather

Heres to you who lost a love
You never will recover
Now you cant imagine how
You could ever love another
You boarder all you windows shut
Against that old noreaster
But someday soon youll go back out
And face the changing weather

Outside the rain keeps falling down
Soon the sun will come back out
Love is lost, love is found
So never mind the weather

Heres to all you Moms and Dads
Who hold it all together
Heaven knows you love your kids
You might even love each other
You work all day, you sleep all night
And find an hour for dinner
And times too short to sit and whine
About all this dreary weather


updated: 2 years ago