Richard Shindell

Vuelta Reviews

Inside World Music (Nov. 14, 2004)

Richard Shindell is an American singer/songwriter who has been hailed by critics far and wide for his thoughtful, often philosophic observations about the world, life, and love that he makes in his songs. A folk artist who has gained much attention in recent years thanks to touring as a supporting act with Joan Baez, Shindell's latest musical venture is Vuelta. Full of Shindell's signature acoustic textures and warm voice, Vuelta is inspired by his life in Buenos Aires with his wife and children. Puente Celeste, the local band whom Shindell uses as back-up, add a Latin flavor to some of the tracks. Wistful and displaying the lack of innocence brought upon by the events of the world, Shindell also performs the Pete Seeger song "Waist Deep In the Big Muddy" and makes it sound as current now as it did in 1967. My biggest complaint about Vuelta is that it only has ten songs -- but what memorable ones they are.

by Paula E. Kirman

updated: 12 years ago