Richard Shindell


Much to my accountant's dismay, there are always one or two gems I've got my eye on. It's an affliction, though one not yet listed in the latest version of DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders). So in a well-intentioned but ultimately futile attempt to acknowledge reality (to wit: economics, available space, the law of gravity, the Tao, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, CITES), I've made a rule that whenever I want to buy something new, something in the collection must go. For every action an equal and opposite reaction, or something like that, more or less. Hence, the current sacrificial lambs are...:

1945 Martin 000-21 - Recent neck reset. Available at The Music Emporium (Lexington MA). She's a good one.
1960 Martin 00-18 - exc. condition, wonderful sound, might benefit from a neck reset

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updated: 4 years ago