Richard Shindell

Not Far Now

cover design Meghan Dewar
I'm ridiculously happy to report that sales of Not Far Now have begun. This is occuring in three stages:

First, anyone who preordered as part of the Record Finance Program will receive their copy (along with the bonus cd, called Mariana's EP) BEFORE March 10. Some may have already received theirs.

Thanks to all of you for waiting so patiently while the creaky wheels of industry here at Amalgamated Balladry grind - slowly but inexorably - into motion, just as capitalism itself seems to be grinding to a halt. Good timing, eh? Any other merchandise you may have coming to you (t-shirts, posters, recipes for risotto) will be shipped separately, later in March. You'll be receiving another email regarding this. [Note: without your support for the financing of this record, the Grand Wazoo of Amalgamated Balladry would have had to have taken more drastic action - such as appearing before Congress to beg for inclusion in TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program), or even outright nationalization. And the Grand Wazoo doesn't even own a suit (not to mention a private jet). Your support has made it possible for AB to avoid throwing itself on the mercy of the US taxpayer. We are very grateful, as is no doubt the US taxpayer. ]

Regular preordering (from the online store at has also begun. However those orders won't begin shipping until soon after March 10.

April 7 is our official "street date" for the big online retailers, digital services, and those heroic souls still toiling over in brick-and-mortar retail.

updated: 11 years ago