Richard Shindell

All Wide Open

from Careless

She showed up on the doorstep out of nowhere
All wrapped up in a Goodwill overcoat
She was shaking, with her arms drawn tight around her
She said, Daddy I've been clean almost a month
With his jeweler's eye he looked at her a moment
He stepped aside and nodded to the door wide open

She went inside and sat down in the kitchen
Still wrapped up in that Goodwill overcoat
He said, Don't you want to hang that in the closet
She said, Not just yet I'm still a little cold
Then how about I put on a pot of coffee
He said, standing at the stove now with his heart wide open

Wanting to believe it could be true
But wary of another perfect lie
Forming like a diamond under pressure
And emerging flawless in her eyes

Thanksgiving is just around the corner
She asks him, Is it alright if I stay
And with the voice of one afraid that past is future
He says why don't we just take it day by day
And her overcoat is hanging in the closet
Looks like winter's coming on now, but it's all wide open

updated: 3 years ago