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Mariana's EP: Alt Versions and No Shows from Not Far Now

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released 2009


Get Up Clara (alt mix)

This is an alt recording from the NFN sessions, recorded by Greg Anderson in Buenos Aires. Ben Wittman's percussion recorded by Rich Lamb in NYC.

Balloon Man (alt version)

An earlier version. I'm trying to remember now why I got rid of that extra verse... Recorded in a little house out on the Pampa in the Province of Buenos Aires. Greg engineered.  I remember the birds were making a hell of a din that day. Except when she was adding her violin parts, Sara Milonovich spent a good part of the day outside, scaring away them away by yelling at them (in english, which may explain why they did not get the message).

Mariana's Table (alt version)

An earlier version of the song, in its original musical setting. It's played here on the instrument it was written on, a lovely little Oriskany bouzouki. Though I can see Route 215 from the porch, and Brandsen (a small town in the Province of Buenos Aires) is about 45 minutes away, Mariana is invented. But I'm sure there is someone just like her out there somewhere. "Flaco" (meaning slim, or skinny) is a common nickname. So is "Gordo". Argentines are very big on nicknames. I, for example, am known in these latitudes as "El Gaucho Shindell". Recorded by Greg.

State of the Union

This is the initial demo for this song, recorded (just after I'd written it) in my office - that is to say, in circumstances utterly unsuited to the observance of anything approaching current technical norms of multitrack recording. For example, I believe the window might have been wide open. I'm playing acoustic and electric guitars, synth bass, and spare change (pesos only).

I Am (previously unreleased)

OK, so it's not entirely true that this is previously unreleased. After 9/11 (which it was written in response to), it was sold briefly as a download, with all proceeds (meager as they were) going to benefit WNYC (which had lost its tranmission towers). Recorded by Lincoln Schlieffer at Lincoln's Log Cabin (Bronx, NY). That's Marc Shulman on the electric guitar. Lincoln's playing bass and harmonium.

Hideous Grin (live, unreleased)

An out-take from one of the 1999 concerts that furnished the material for Courier. Recorded by Ben Wisch at the Emelin Theater (Mamaroneck, NY) on March 17, 1999. RS - vox and acoustic guitar; Lincoln Schleiffer - bass; Dennis McDermott - drums; John Putnam - electric guitar.

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