Richard Shindell


Where can I get transcriptions of your songs?

What tunings do you use?

I use standard tuning, drop D, DADGAD, and open D. Here's a song-by-song list.

Songs in Standard Tuning:

Sparrows Point
The Kenworth of My Dreams
You Again
Howling at the Trouble
By Now
The Things that I Have Seen
Blue Divide
Easy Street
The Weather
I'll be Here in the Morning
You Stay Here
Waiting for the Storm
The Grocer's Broom
So Says the Whipoorwill
The Last Fare of the Day
Gray Green
Bye Bye
State of the Union
Songs in Drop D (DADGBE):

Are You Happy Now
The Courier
On a Sea of Fleur-de-Lis
Memory of You
TV Light

Songs in DADGAD:

The Ballad of Mary Magdalen
A Tune for Nowhere
The Next Best Western
Reunion Hill
Beyond the Iron Gate
Darkness, Darkness
Money for Floods
My Love Will Follow You
Merritt Parkway, 2 am
Calling the Moon
Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
The Island
Hazel's House
Che Guevara T-shirt
Cancion Sencilla
There Goes Mavis
A Juggler Out in Traffic
Gethsemani Goodbye
One Man's Arkansas
Get Up Clara
Balloon Man
Mariana's Table
Songs in open D (DADF#AD)

A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress

Finally, there are some songs that I play in one or another tuning, depending on how I feel on any given night. These are:

On a Sea of Fleur-de-Lis: Drop D or DADGAD
A Tune for Nowhere: DADGAD or standard (capo 9, in the key of D)
Gray Green: DADGAD or standard
Are You Happy Now: Drop D, DADGAD, or Standard
Reunion Hill: usually DADGAD, but now and then in Standard